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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sleep training?!

To all those moms who have tried to sleep train their kids and work at the same time.. you are amazing women! I, at least, work from home and can take a nap when I want. I can't imagine those moms that have to make themselves look somewhat presentable and work in an office for another 8 hours or the moms that have their kids home all day which is, in some respects, even harder.

We actually saw a sleep specialist for my 2.5 year old son who hasn't slept through the night more than say 5 times since he's been born. Yes that's right only 5 times in 2.5 years!! He would come to our bed every night between 10-12 and move around so much we never got a good night's rest...until recently. After a week of sleep training him he finally slept through the night! It was a week of hell and very little sleep but we are very hopeful and optimistic that this training will do the trick.

Surprisingly enough our little baby girl that's only 7 months old sleeps pretty well but still wakes up occasionally at night. We put her in the crib around 6:30 pm and at first she would cry for 30 minutes but after a week it's down to only 10 minutes of crying. It's very hard to hear your baby crying but I keep telling myself, "It's the best thing for the family!" You never know how important a good night's sleep is until you don't have it. Everyone tells you about the lack of sleep when you have kids but I could never imagine what it was like until I had my own kids!

Please share your sleep training stories or just sleep issues in general....


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