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I have always loved everything related with Fashion and in the last 5-10 years I have become even more interested in how fashion and technology can work together. In 2004 I started a web site selling designer bags and apparel for less, and in 2008 I took some time off to have kids. I have now launched the first ever NYC sample Sale APP that notifies the user of any and all sample sales/major retail sales within 1 mile of the user's location. User's can let the APP tell them where they can save up to 80% on all their favorite brands like, Prada, Fendi, DVF, Theory and so much more.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring time handbags!

Hey Ladies!
It's about that time, time to put away the black, dark grey, and green and get out the pastels and great new spring time colors! I have the perfect "mom bag" that's functional yet stylish. I know I know it's white but that's okay white looks even better when it's a little dirty! :)

I have three different sizes for those who don't want a huge bag, I personally like larger bags but hey everyone has their own style and preference.
Take a good look at the FENDI logo handbags with red, yellow, and purple stitching.

For a closer look and to purchase the handbags please click on link below:


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